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Web Migration and Online Presence


Moving a business website can be intimidating and time consuming. It can also be an exhilarating opportunity to update your brand. Goal: migrating Realtors from a leading Bay Area agency to new websites on a new hosting platform.


Leveraging Sereno Group’s strong existing …

Preventive maintenance - a worthy investment


Preventive Maintenance (PM) can be perceived as an optional expense, subject to not being purchased, or not renewed. A large study clearly showed PM reduced cost and downtime for customers. Our challenge: sharing the results with existing and new customers to increase rates of …

From Zero to Publication


Case studies were #1 collateral request from global sales teams. However, no case studies had been approved for publication by the customers, and there were no templates for the documents or the process for creating the case studies.

There was also no relevant release form, only an …

Onboarding: from 9 months to 2


New MarCom specialists were taking 9-10 months to get fully up to speed on the complex, disparate, company-specific processes needed for global print and online campaigns and publications. Rapid organizational changes constantly introduced new specialists, creating ongoing stress …