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Preventive maintenance - a worthy investment


Preventive Maintenance (PM) can be perceived as an optional expense, subject to not being purchased, or not renewed. A large study clearly showed PM reduced cost and downtime for customers. Our challenge: sharing the results with existing and new customers to increase rates of purchase and renewal.


Leveraging Agilent Services’ strong existing brand and well-respected customer support team, we developed a communication campaign to share the exciting study results directly with customers and also with the internal team for greater reach.

A white paper presented the in-depth study findings, and a flyer captured key points of interest. These pieces were available to the sales and support teams, as well as customers. An internal newsletter, display boards, and intranet shared the news with all employees, encouraging broad enthusiasm, and engagement with the instrument product lines. A multi-touch outbound campaign offered links to the flyer and white paper, using a quirky, humorous tone.

Regional managers indicated they wanted this campaign to stand out from the usual “stodgy” tone, and their feedback was incorporated in the creative materials. Both the flyer and white paper were localized to twelve languages, and the web materials were provided to the regions for tailored deployment.


This campaign received exceptionally positive feedback from the regional sales and support teams, and won an Agilent Innovation Award. Both the study results and materials contributed to stronger sales of Preventive Maintenance in multiple regions.