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From Zero to Publication


Case studies were #1 collateral request from global sales teams. However, no case studies had been approved for publication by the customers, and there were no templates for the documents or the process for creating the case studies.

There was also no relevant release form, only an old general release form buried in the Legal section of the internal website.


Creation and global deployment of a case studies toolkit:

  • Design template: created according to current brand standards and playbook
  • Standard set of internal preliminary questions: to establish magnitude of case study, or if material was better suited to success story, testimonial or brief quote
  • Standard set of interview questions: to ensure consistent, thorough information collection
  • Custom legal release form: short, customer-friendly, with highlighted clause in plain English, “if you ever change your mind and want us to stop publishing your information, we will!”
  • Overall process: process for collecting information, reviewing drafts, and final publication, including how to handle situations where release form is not signed. Definitions for case study/success story/testimonial, etc.


  • 3 global case studies created in Services within 6 months of introduction
  • Global adoption of template and process: regional case studies created
  • Numerous customer quotes and testimonials collected (0 obtained in 6 months prior to toolkit release)