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Especially for Individual Contributors and Managers

  • Have a marketing or technical need that can't wait for the annual budget cycle?
  • Need a minor change to existing collateral?
  • Want to repurpose or refresh an article?
  • Do you need a white paper written quickly and well?
  • Have an RFP that could use a bit of polish?
  • Need localization for the US?

When you're under pressure and facing an unexpected communication deliverable (or several!), Granite Crossroads is here to support your business goals and your brand.

P-card payment or invoicing - For your convenience.

Vendor paperwork/PSA - Whatever your corporate hoops, we'll cheerfully and quickly hop through them.

NDA - Need one signed? No problem. In fact, we treat all customer information as confidential.

Expertise - we are unique in having worked in the science and technology trenches AND worked as part of global marketing agencies.

Whether you need just a minor wording update or a sounding board for an executive presentation, we're your behind-the-scenes help to ensure your communications always look their best.